SEO and YouTube Marketing For Businesses


Revitalizing your YouTube marketing with SEO research and great insights

Is video advertising worth the money and your time? That is a question every marketer has already asked or is about to ask. Well, you do not need to search farther for your answer.

What new research is saying about YouTube Advertising

·         User interests and device used has more influence on advert views

According to data collected and analyzed by Strike Social, viewers’ interest had massive influence on YouTube ads viewership. For instance, foodies will be more likely to view ads on edibles while thrill seekers will register more views on gaming machines. Strike Social found out that these interests contributed to more than 70% chances of consumers watching the advert.

Of interest is the device consumers use to access YouTube ads. A great majority, more than 65%, will have no reservation to ads as long as they are viewable over mobile. In fact, more than half the YouTube traffic comes from mobile users.

·         Viewers readily accept You Tube adverts more than Ads from Facebook

Some years back, YouTube was the unrivaled king of video content. That was back in 2005. In 2007, YouTube rolled out ads feature. It has now been modified to 6 formats of ads. Viewers are now accustomed to YouTube ads and they accept it for better or for worse.

On the other hand, Facebook joined the mainstream in 2006 but the focus was not on video. Therefore, when video ads were introduced users were not so much welcome to the idea. Despite its multi-pronged video content campaign, Facebook only enjoys 60% video viewership. YouTube is having the final laughter with 55% of its traffic being ready and willing to view its ads.

·         Marketers have established trust in YouTube

There was a big issue with Facebook video metrics. Do you still remember, no? Let me jog your memory. Facebook had overestimated time spent by viewers on videos. It was a gapping overestimation of between 60% to 80%. Advertisers were misleadingly convinced their adverts were being watched and they increased their expenditure or at least maintained their current level of expenditure.

Kelowna SEO Marketing discovered Google has never had such an overinflated scenario. To leave no doubt on that clean record, Google even released a detailed audit on YouTube metrics. It was a proof that the floated viewership numbers were not merely cooked figures. Coincidentally, this audit was released at the very time Facebook announced to do the same to prevent a repeat of the overblown figures.

·         Globally reputed products’ ads receive more viewership

If you ever attended a social media marketing 101 class then you know the first rule: identify your target and focus on them. But what if not targeting any audience at all worked equally better and was more cost-effective?

According to YouTube’s 2017 advertising benchmark report, there is a group of viewers designated as “unknowns”. There is no demographic information about them. While that would sound as bad news, it is ironically good news. According to Strike Social, the unknown group in YouTube accounts for 29.5% viewership rate (better by 6.5% that average viewers’ rate). The pay-per-view for this group is $0.34, which is approximately 23% lower than the average pay-per-view.

·         View Reviews For Businesses

A large part of the market searching for company reviews tend to watch video reviews for restaurants, Auto repair shops, and most businesses large and small creating a value of trust

Bottom line

Seasoned marketers still find YouTube a great tool for their adverts. However, they should not give a total blackout to what is happening on Facebook video ads and its offers. Although YouTube has a big brother in Google, you all know that Facebook is its own a giant that has proven to quickly adapt to changes in social media marketing. In a nutshell, Facebook cannot be wished away.